Healthcare Facilities in Visakhapatnam

Healthcare services in Visakhapatnam
Being a city which was always famous for education services and Health Care services, it has now an even wider range of services available for healthcare with corporate sectors investing a lot of money in public welfare performing latest techniques during surgeries. The city also hosts various hospitals run by some of the Voluntary organizations ensuring that all the surgeries and the services are delivered at a bare minimum cost.

A lot has changed in the area of dental surgery, with lots of hospitals and clinics providing advanced treatments for dental related issues and concerns with the help of all the diagnostics labs and latest equipment that they endorse. The city has the best of hospitals that offer emergency health care services. Ranging from the privately run to government run hospitals, the city provides a wide range of options to seek in terms of expertise and opinions.

Visakhapatnam has many hospitals, pathlabs, chemist shops to ensure the early recovery of patients affected by Corona virus. In addition to treatment there are 24X7 ambulance services for the transportation of Corona patients. In the chemist shop you can buy medicines for the treatment of Corona affected patients. Pathlabs in Visakhapatnam also carry out RT-PCR, COVID-19 Antigen Tests, COVID-19 Antibody Tests in and around the city.

Department of Health in Visakhapatnam

The department of Public Health under the Vizag Municipal Corporation overlooks the initiatives in healthcare sector. With road side toilets have been made for proper sanitation and hygiene of the city preventing many viral and contagious diseases.

The Port Health Organization (PHO) supervises and monitors the health in Visakhapatnam. The PHO overlooks the general sanitations and health conditions in the port area with the frequent spraying of insecticides, adopting major anti-rodent and anti-mosquito measure in and around the port and the city. Providing vaccinations for Yellow Fever is another initiative taken care by the PHO.

With a large bucket of doctors profoundly specializing in the areas like gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology and neurology, the city is considered to be a hub for day to day health care services.

Major Hospitals in Visakhapatnam

  • Apollo Hospitals Hospitals in Visakhapatnam
  • Seven Hills Hospitals
  • CDR Hospitals
  • King George Hospital
  • Government Victoria Hospitals
  • Nikita Hospitals
  • L.V. Prasad Eye Hospitals
  • ESI Hospitals, Malkapuram
  • Vaishnavi Hospital
  • SR Hospital
  • Seven Hills Hospital
  • Care Hospital & Heart Health Institute
  • Sankar Eye Hospital
  • PREMA Hospital
  • Lions Cancer Hospital
  • Railway Hospital
  • Lazarus Hospital   
  • Waltair Multicare Hospital

There is a huge list of various medical stores in all parts of the city with 24/7 Hour services ensuring the medical attention and requirements are in full swing and accessible all the time. Various Healthcare initiatives are conducted for people of all age group and class of people. Vizag Steel Health Management System (VIZHMS) plays an important role in the upcoming of all the major findings and findings for the Health Care industry in the city.

Overall, in a nutshell, Visakhapatnam happens to be a town with high experience in Health Care with all the advanced equipment’s and expertise. Achieving heaps and bounds in the health care industry is making Vizag live a hail and healthier life.

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