Famous Chutney and Pickle of Vizag

You must have heard about Gongura chutney and Avakkaya from Andhra Pradesh. These are famous chutney and pickle - a must with meals in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Gingura Pachadi actually defines Andhra food.

Well, the next thing in your mind is how to prepare them! Quite simple indeed! We bring you the recipe and  you will have a famous chutney right on your dining table - all prepared by you!

Pickle from Vizag

Gongura Pachadi


3 large bunches of gongura or ambadi, 12 red chillies, 6 tsp. oil, 10 garlic flakes, 1 tsp. mustard seeds and salt to taste.

Method of Preparing Gongura Pachadi Gongura leaves

Wash gongura or sorrel leaves after picking them off the stalk and spread them over a newspaper to dry overnight or at least for 8 hours. Take a heavy bottomed pan and pour 4 tbsp of oil. Add red chillies and garlic flakes (fry till they are golden brown). Keep them aside. Now, fry gongura leaves till they reduce to half the size. Take them out and keep aside to cool. It's time for some grinding now. Grind fried leaves, garlic, chillies and salt to make a smooth paste.

Now, in a small pan, add 1 tsp. oil and fry mustard seeds till they splutter. Add them to the paste. The chutney is ready for eating!

Mango Pickle from Vizag

Avakkaya (Hot Mango Pickle)

People residing in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh like something 'hot' with their meals. It can be chutneys or pickles! You already know to prepare the most popular chutney of Vizag. Here's the recipe for hot mango pickle. Read on...


Cleaned and cut 2 1/2 kgs. mango pieces, 550 gms. mustard powder, 650 gms. salt, 350 gms. red chilli powder, 600 gms. husked gingely oil, 150 gms. chick peas (kabuli chana) and 30 gms. fenugreek seeds.

Method of Preparing Avakkaya

Add mustard powder, salt and chilli powder in a bowl. Take another bowl and add 250 gms. oil in it. Take the mango pieces and coat them each nicely with oil. Now put them in the masala bowl. Mix well so that the masala sticks to the pieces properly. Transfer these pieces to a jar and spread them evenly. Spread fenugreek and chick peas. Pour remaining oil in avakkaya mixture. Repeat this till all the mango pieces find place in the jar. Now, keep the jar aside for 48 hours.


During this time, moisture will ooze out of these mango pieces. You will also observe that the volume of the mixture has decreased. Now, transfer this pickle from the jar to a broad vessel. Mix well once again. Transfer it back to the jar. Add some more oil to it so that there is a layer of oil on top of the jar.

For daily use, do not use this jar as there are chances of the pickle getting spoiled. Have a small pickle jar on your dining table and then enjoy your meals!You may be residing anywhere in India but you can still savour the delectable chutney and pickle of Vizag! That is tourism via cuisine. Ready for compliments now?
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