Emergency Services in Visakhapatnam

Emergency Services in VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam, being a city known to many as the “City of Destiny” is also one of the most industrialized cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The advent of people coming in through various parts of the nation has made the city grow into a complete cosmopolitan city. Ensuring public safety and health, the city has developed into providing the best of emergency services. Helping the crowd by engaging various community awareness and prevention programs to help the public avoid, detect and report emergencies effectively is the major attribute of the agencies providing emergency services. The generic services have taken a huge leap in servicing the day to day needs of the local residents and tourists broadening their horizon through infirmary services, press and media, banks and ATMs, water system, transportation system and services, mail services, telecommunication services, disaster management services, fire company services, electricity services and so on. Like any other city the main emergency service functions are:

Police in Visakhapatnam

Police, a widely known administrative service has been an integral part of Visakhapatnam keeping the law and order under control and strict vigilance. With the city being developed as one of the most commercialized cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Police plays an important role keeping the structural balance of the human inhabitants with crime and order. With an acceptance of people from all parts of the nation, there is a very high importance of Police functioning in this Cosmopolitan city. The Police Commissionerate, which was established in the year 1983, as a city police force with law enforcement and investigation as the primary responsibilities in Visakhapatnam.

Divided into four zones, EAST, NORTH, SOUTH and Madhurawada, the Police Commissionerate is situated at Visakhapatnam.

Fire Departments in Visakhapatnam

With all the industrialization in the city of Visakhapatnam, the city ensures that Fire departments are set up and well vigilant about the all the incidences pertaining to the fire department. With all the construction, shipping yard, ports, steel plant and others in the city, fire department plays a vital role in guarding the safety of the employees and local residents.

Some of the fire stations with their numbers are as follows:

Fire Service Station: 101/ (0891) 2787818
Regional Fire Office: (0891) 2563582
Divisional Fire Office Main Road: (0891) 2568905

HealthCare in VisakhapatnamHealth Care in Visakhapatnam

Health Care being an integral part of any administration, Visakhapatnam is no less in ensuring that the city provides state of the art medical services for emergencies. The city serves home to some of the most highly equipped private and government hospitals. The city also hosts a number of 24/7 medical stores. The city has an array of Medical services in case of an emergency.

24/7 Pharmacies in Visakhapatnam

With the kind of lifestyle that we are living in, one is bound to have various ailments due to which we need to be depended on drugs. With many medical stores open 24/7, people have regular access to medicines for their respective medical reasoning. Read More

Ambulance Services in Visakhapatnam

Some of the 24/7 Ambulance services are:

Emergency: 108 (Toll Free)Ambulance Services in Visakhapatnam
Apollo: (0891) 2529618/2727272
Care: (0891) 2714014/2522666
ESI Hospital – Malkapuram: (0891) 25771195
ESI Hospital - Industrial Estate: (0891) 2558209
ESI Hospital – Ramnagar: (0891) 2553780
Golden Jubilee Hospital: (0891) 2796135
Ghosha Hospital: (0891) 2562637
K.G.H.:    (0891) 2564891
Kanakadurga Nursing Home: (0891) 2566932
Latha Hospital: (0891) 2702287/ 2511351
Lazarus Hospital: (0891) 278780
Mental Hospital: (0891) 2754918
Queen's NRI Hospital: (0891) 2535063/ 5752
Seven Hills Hospital: (0891) 2708090
TB Hospital: (0891) 2565526

Blood Banks in Visakhapatnam

There are easily available and accessible Blood Banks based at various locations of the city. Some of them are:

A. S. Raja: (0891) 2543436
C D R: (0891) 2554754
K G. H: (0891) 2564891
Life Medical Centre: (0891) 2569532
Apollo Hospital: (0891) 2788651
Chiranjivi Voluntary: 2754787
City Hospital: (0891) 2755461/754380
Pallavi Nursing Home: (0891) 2567735-39
Rotary Blood Bank: (0891) 6534635/2506678
Seven Hills Hospital: (0891) 2708090
Rajyalakshmi Voluntary: (0891) 2568618
Sita Rama Voluntary: (0891) 2706025/2539321

Disaster Management in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is also considered to be one of the cities on its toes when it comes to disaster management as a special law was passed for the cities like Visakhapatam, Vijaywada and Hyderabad within the state of Andhra Pradesh to have well equipped services in situations like compromise of Law & Order, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Droughts, Fisheries, Transport, Cyclone Warning Centers (because of being a city based on coastal front) Inflation and many natural or un-natural disasters.
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