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Rich Look Beauty Spa
Rich Look Beauty Spa
Rich Look Beauty Spa
Rich Look Beauty Spa
Rich Look Beauty Spa
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Services by Rich Look Beauty Spa

  • Bridal Package
    Bridal Package 4500.00
  • Partyware Packages
    Partyware Packages 2500.00
  • Monthly Package
    Monthly Package 1000.00
  • Tones
    Tones 600.00
  • Hair Ironing
    Hair Ironing 450.00
  • Hair Wash Blow Dry
    Hair Wash Blow Dry 350.00
  • Hair Wash
    Hair Wash 150.00
  • Acne Care Facial
    Acne Care Facial 1500.00
  • Skin Lightening
    Skin Lightening 1200.00
  • Diamond Facial
    Diamond Facial 1500.00
  • Gold Facial
    Gold Facial 1400.00
  • Pearl Facial
    Pearl Facial 1000.00
  • Whitening Facial
    Whitening Facial 1000.00
  • Detan Facial
    Detan Facial 800.00
  • Insta Glow Facial
    Insta Glow Facial 800.00
  • Fresh Fruit Facial
    Fresh Fruit Facial 800.00
  • Fruit Facial
    Fruit Facial 700.00
  • Basic Facial
    Basic Facial 500.00
  • Alovera Clean Up
    Alovera Clean Up 400.00
  • Acne  Clean Up
    Acne Clean Up 450.00
  • Detan Clean Up
    Detan Clean Up 500.00
  • Fruit Clean Up
    Fruit Clean Up 400.00
  • Basic Clean Up
    Basic Clean Up 350.00
  • Eye Make Up
    Eye Make Up
  • Hair Style
    Hair Style
  • Saree Droping
    Saree Droping 350.00
  • Bridal Make up
    Bridal Make up 5000.00
  • Engagement Make Up
    Engagement Make Up 3500.00
  • Party Make Up
    Party Make Up 1500.00
  • Simple Make Up
    Simple Make Up 1200.00
  • Glowbel
    Glowbel 2300.00
  • Medium
    Medium 1600.00
  • Amonia Free Inova Root Touch
    Amonia Free Inova Root Touch 900.00
  • Hull Strick
    Hull Strick 1800.00
  • Half Strick
    Half Strick 1200.00
  • Strick
    Strick 200.00
  • Glowbel
    Glowbel 2100.00
  • Medium
    Medium 1500.00
  • Root Touch Up
    Root Touch Up 700.00
  • Nourishing Spa
    Nourishing Spa 900.00
  • Smoothening Spa
    Smoothening Spa 900.00
  • Repairing Spa
    Repairing Spa 800.00
  • Wexra With Wash & Blow Dry
    Wexra With Wash & Blow Dry 150.00
  • Herbal Oil
    Herbal Oil 300.00
  • Aroma Oil
    Aroma Oil 350.00
  • Olive Oil
    Olive Oil 350.00
  • Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil 250.00
  • Bridal Full
    Bridal Full 2500.00
  • Full Hand
    Full Hand 1500.00
  • Half Hand
    Half Hand 1000.00
  • Aerabic
    Aerabic 250.00
  • Full Body
    Full Body 2500.00
  • Full Back
    Full Back 500.00
  • Full Leg
    Full Leg 900.00
  • Full Hand
    Full Hand 600.00
  • Face & Neck
    Face & Neck 500.00
  • Face
    Face 350.00
  • Crystal Manicure
    Crystal Manicure 650.00
  • Vlcc Psl Manicure
    Vlcc Psl Manicure 560.00
  • Detan Manicure
    Detan Manicure 450.00
  • French Manicure
    French Manicure 350.00
  • Basic Manicure
    Basic Manicure 250.00
  • Full Body
    Full Body
  • Crystal Pedicure
    Crystal Pedicure 800.00
  • Vlcc Psl Pedicure
    Vlcc Psl Pedicure 650.00
  • Detan Pedicure
    Detan Pedicure 550.00
  • French Pedicure
    French Pedicure 450.00
  • Basic Pedicure
    Basic Pedicure 350.00
  • Full Front
    Full Front 300.00
  • Full Back
    Full Back 300.00
  • Full Face
    Full Face 200.00
  • Chin
    Chin 50.00
  • Upper Lip
    Upper Lip 50.00
  • Under Arms
    Under Arms 100.00
  • Half Leg
    Half Leg
  • Full Leg
    Full Leg 450.00
  • Half Hand
    Half Hand 200.00
  • Normal & Rica Full Hands
    Normal & Rica Full Hands 250.00
  • Baby Cut
    Baby Cut 100.00
  • Advance
    Advance 450.00
  • Feather
    Feather 500.00
  • Layer
    Layer 400.00
  • Basic
  • Full Face
    Full Face 170.00
  • Forehead
    Forehead 20.00
  • Hicks
    Hicks 60.00
  • Chin
    Chin 30.00
  • Upper Lip
    Upper Lip 30.00
  • Eye Brow
    Eye Brow 40.00
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi Spas
    Outdoor Jacuzzi Spas
  • Day Spa
    Day Spa
  • Hot Stone Spas
    Hot Stone Spas
  • Relaxation Spas
    Relaxation Spas
  • Health Spas
    Health Spas
  • Spas At Airport
    Spas At Airport
  • Home Massage & Spa
    Home Massage & Spa
  • Full Body Massage
    Full Body Massage
  • Swedish Massage
    Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep Tissue Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage
    Ayurvedic Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
    Hot Stone Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Aromatherapy Massage
  • Thai Massage
    Thai Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
    Shiatsu Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
    Prenatal Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
    Indian Head Massage
  • Sports Massage
    Sports Massage
  • Balinese Massage
    Balinese Massage
  • Couples Massage
    Couples Massage
  • Foot Massage / Reflexology
    Foot Massage / Reflexology
  • Hotel Spas
    Hotel Spas
  • Couple Spas
    Couple Spas
  • Hair Spas
    Hair Spas
  • Beauty Spas For Women (Economy)
    Beauty Spas For Women (Economy)
  • Beauty Spas For Women (Luxury)
    Beauty Spas For Women (Luxury)
  • Turkish Spas
    Turkish Spas
  • Beauty Spas For Women (Premium)
    Beauty Spas For Women (Premium)
  • Fish Spas
    Fish Spas
  • Sukho Thai Spas
    Sukho Thai Spas
  • Beauty Spas For Men (Premium)
    Beauty Spas For Men (Premium)
  • Beauty Spas (Luxury)
    Beauty Spas (Luxury)
  • Beauty Spas For Men (Luxury)
    Beauty Spas For Men (Luxury)
  • Beauty Spas (Premium)
    Beauty Spas (Premium)
  • Nail Spas
    Nail Spas
  • Beauty Spas For Men (Economy)
    Beauty Spas For Men (Economy)
  • Unisex Spas
    Unisex Spas
  • Russian Spas
    Russian Spas
  • Thai Spas
    Thai Spas
  • Beauty Spas For Women
    Beauty Spas For Women
  • Beauty Spas For Men
    Beauty Spas For Men
  • 24 Hours Beauty Spas
    24 Hours Beauty Spas
  • Beauty Spas
    Beauty Spas
  • Body Scrubs and Wraps
    Body Scrubs and Wraps
  • Facial Treatments
    Facial Treatments
  • Manicures and Pedicures
    Manicures and Pedicures
  • Holistic Wellness Packages
    Holistic Wellness Packages
  • Beauty and Hair Services
    Beauty and Hair Services
  • Day Spas
    Day Spas
  • Destination Spas
    Destination Spas
  • Medical Spas (Medspas)
    Medical Spas (Medspas)
  • Resort Spas
    Resort Spas
  • Thermal Spas
    Thermal Spas
  • Wellness Spas
    Wellness Spas
  • Ayurvedic Spas
    Ayurvedic Spas
  • Holistic Spas
    Holistic Spas
  • Cruise Ship Spas
    Cruise Ship Spas
  • Fitness Spas
    Fitness Spas
  • Urban/ City Spas
    Urban/ City Spas
  • Mobile Massage Services
    Mobile Massage Services
  • Chair Massage Services
    Chair Massage Services
  • Asian Spa
    Asian Spa
  • Spa Chains
    Spa Chains

About Us - Rich Look Beauty Spa

Experience a natural glow in your face by availing therapeutic spa facial at Rich Look Beauty Spa. Here we provide skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, lotions, creams, peels, facial masks, massage and more. Our professionals are known for their skill and knowledge in the field of beauty treatments.

At Rich Look Beauty Spa we aim to facelift the appearance of our clients. So either it is about removing dark patches or giving face, neck, and shoulder massage we expertise in all. In addition to these, we also carry out a homemade facial mask to cleanse and refresh your skin.

Our beauty salon is fitted with latest types of equipment to smoothen the process without much delay and expense. Opting us for facial in can help you in getting the desired result with total satisfaction. We do offer membership discounts to our valued customers. Visit today to Maddilapalem’s best salon and get rid of dead skin cells, acne and wrinkles.

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Rich Look Beauty Spa
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